Some of you may remember the Venetian mini blinds of the 60s:  the slats were large – approximately two inches in width – and wide cloth  tapes were typically added to cover the strings that held the louvers in formation.  While this may sound attractive, in reality this style of window  treatment became a magnet for dust and dirt causing a home to look dirty and unkempt before it’s time.

And, how about the by-product of the dog or cat’s desire to look out the window at his or her kingdom – did your slats become permanently  bent?   Of course, it follows that original mini blinds were not exempt from becoming filled with dust and dirt: cleaning the slats became a tedious, all-day job.

Not so today.  Hunter Douglas 6-gauge Celebrity® aluminum blinds and 8-gauge Decor® aluminum blinds contain spring tempered  alloy with up to 95 percent recycled aluminum that “bounce back.”  To make this window treatment a stunning addition to your home, Hunter Douglas adds Dust shield® – a patented paint additive that prohibits dust build up.

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Horizontal window treatments, ideal for windows that are taller than they are wide, allow precise control of the natural light entering room – adjustment of the louvers is via a tilt wand which allows this light control.  This ability to control light also allows you the flexibility of maximum view-through as well as maximum privacy.

Express Yourself 

Horizontal blind materials are not limited to aluminum materials:  you can choose window treatments made from premium hardwoods, durable polymers or versatile aluminum.  A popular choice of premium hardwoods is the affordable Hunter Douglas  Parkland®Classics™, Everwood® alternative wood blinds trump the faux wood category with their lifetime warranty against fading and warping, and six styles of aluminum blinds are comprise the choices of Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals.


 Parkland®Classics™ with Basswood Slats

Parkland® Classics™ French Doors

The traditionally proportioned Basswood slats of  our Parkland Classics™ horizontal blinds
come stained or painted in 35 colors and three different slat sizes.  The premium hardwood blinds
feature an exclusive finish that provides long standing protection against every day wear.

EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds 

EverWood® Distinctions™ Alternative Wood Blinds

EverWood ™ X-tra blinds’  2 ½” beveled slats offer the look of a shutter with the control of a blind.
Constructed from premium, PVC-free material, the blinds are guaranteed against fading, yellowing,
warping and bowing.They are available in an array of white and realistic TruGrain ® stain finishes.