Add Beauty to your Rooms with Luminette® Modern Draperies & Luminette® Modern Draperies  

Luminette Privacy sheers
Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Luminette® Privacy Sheers combine the beauty of a drape with the versatility of a vertical blind. 

Sheer fabrics support the veins of the vertical to offer you the ability to completely manage the light in your home.  Just a quick twist of the combination wand/cord rotates the vanes for infinite degrees of light control and privacy.


Luminette Modern Draperies
Luminette® Modern Draperies

Luminette® Modern Draperies create instant drama in a room.

And, they are easy to care for: fabrics are 100% polyester, dust resistant and can be professionally cleaned.  Consistent contoured columns of fabric elegantly span windows and door openings.  Select from 4 different fabrics, including Shantung or Satinee, and a total of 32 colors.



The  PowerGlide® with Platinum™ Technology allows for easy operation of both the Luminette® Modern Draperies  and the Luminette® Privacy Sheers.  This proprietary operating system offers both line-of-sight operation (infrared) or out-of-sight operation (radio frequency) – the addition of a wireless wall switch allows you to never again have to wonder where you placed your hand-held remote control.

Luminette® Modern Draperies  and Luminette® Privacy Sheers fabrics are designed to coordinate with Silhouette® window shading and  Pirouette® window shading and the Vignette® Modern Roman Shades.  This combination offers the perfect solution for controlling the light for a large expanse of windows or for a sliding glass door next to a set of windows.