After you decide what your needs are, the next step is putting it all together.


During my consultation, My Promise to You is

By design, my promise is to become a catalyst so you create spaces that delight the senses and nourish the soul.  Together we will explore each of the design elements that will offer the ambiance you are looking for.

What Makes Window Covering Design Beautiful
India Silk

Choice:  We will explore the options that fulfill your needs.  We will also look at different choices for different rooms versus the same throughout the home.  And, the outside of the home also has an appearance – do you want the upstairs and downstairs windows to match or not.

Color:  the fact that color can change the mood of a room and how you experience your space is common knowledge in today’s market place.  Before selecting your color, we will explore your choice of window covering first.  Is it a statement onto itself or is it going to highlight your art, your furniture, your rugs, and other furnishings.  If you choice is to make a statement, your color choice can be more pronounced.  If your covering enhances your decor, color should be unobtrusive and subtle.

Designer Screen Shades

Lighting:  Room by room we will determine if the window covering will bring light into the space effortlessly or it will be used to control the light.

Ease of Operation:  We will explore the innovative lifting systems Hunter Douglas offers and determine the best one for you.

Texture:  We will explore bringing balance to the room with fabric and fabric brings texture or depth to the space, as well as splashes of color to enliven your space.

Harmony and Balance Design

Good Design is timeless – not fashionable – it appeals to your sense of self

Good Design is thorough – down to the last detail leaving nothing to chance.