Decorating 101: Imagine

Imagine – a space that does more than meet your need for shelter.

Imagine a space that is peaceful …  the birds sing in the morning …  you say hello to your neighbors as you leave to start your day …  you are achieving your goals and dreams yet live in the present moment.

Your home is the arena where your outer existence – what you do – converges with your inner field of thoughts – who you are.  It follows then that how you interact with your environment is a reciprocal process:  The elements and colors of your home décor AND how you place them in your space act as a mirror which in turn affect your goals and dreams and most importantly, your ability to live in the present moment.

This affectation produces emotions and feelings – you carry them with you and project them into your daily activities.  In other words:  What You See is What You Get!”

Because of this it is imperative to know where you want to go before you begin gathering your decorating  ideas.   Sound difficult?  You don’t need to hire a decorator – whether you live in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or Taos, it’s as easy as one-two-three when you follow this process:

1)       Determine the function of the room.

How will you experience yourself in the room?  Ask questions such as these:  is it a common room where friends and family convene or a private room for rest and rejuvenation?  Will you have lots of company or create a sanctuary where you can enjoy your inner world.  Will you use your office to promote entrepreneurial success or to foster a peaceful reading hide-a-way?

When you are satisfied you have the right answer, DECLARE YOUR INTENTION!

 2)       Begin the interior decorating process in your imagination.

Take time to be present in your space: ask “What is my environment saying to me?” Use your five senses – they are the best tools to examine your space.  Always ask yourself what do I see?  What do I hear?  What can I  touch?  What do I smell?  What can I taste?

And, last but not least, use your sixth sense – Ask, What do I feel?  What you feel is what you will project into your outer world as you carry 0ut your daily activities.  Your senses will be your guide if you let them …

 3)       Create spaces that delight the senses and nourish the soul.

Now begin to gather decorating ideas to EXPRESS YOUR INTENTION WITH LIGHT, COLOR AND furnishings!  Nature is an excellent source or inspirational ideas!  Whether you want modern home décor, country home décor or even cheap home décor – Imagine the Possibilities and you will create spaces that delight the senses and nourish the soul.