House Whispering?…Really?



Upon first blush, your home appears to be your safe haven and you define it as the place to hang your hat. Sure, the space may have clutter here and there . . . And, while your life may be fraught with problems, you might have heard spending a day tidying up produces grand results . . . Right?

It might – Until the clutter reappears and the problems just don’t disappear.

Clutter is simply stuck or negative energy. You can clear the clutter, but until you discover the patterns that cause you to clutter in the first place, the negative energy will keep coming back.

Longing for a better story? House Whispering is key. Shhhhhhh. You must listen to what your house is telling you. Better stories happen when the repetitive patterns that created the initial story are recognized
with clarity.

My role as “house whisperer” is to help you discover what these patterns are. With my guidance, I will help you with this journey of discovery by asking a series of questions about your home. Questions such as “what attracted you to this home in the first place” reveal patterns and once the patterns are illuminated and you have reached your aha moment as to why things are the way they are, we can then “harmonize” your space through space clearing.

Finally, we will perform a house blessing which will highlight and enhance your new way of being. A typical on-site consultation lasts three hours . . . Your investment is $75.00 per hour. Remote consultations typically run two hours . . . Your investment is $150.00.

House Whispering?