Decorating 101: The Path To Your Front Door

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The path to your front door represents your life’s journey as well as opportunities coming your way.  Is it free from blockage from things such as overgrown shrubs and trees?  How do you feel as you walk toward your front door – peaceful and full of hope?

Along the same vein, the entrance to your home creates meaning – a bright and cheery entry sends one message to the world and dull and drab one sends another.   Ask yourself, “What am I inviting into my home?”  And, keep in mind as you plan your path to your front door that your entrance is your transition between your outer world and your inner sanctuary. The first thing you see as you enter your space sets the stage for your experience.

Creating a path to your front door that represents your dreams and goals will enable you to see a world of opportunity as you look out your front door.   This will be
accomplished even if you have a side entrance – what you see is what you will
manifest in your life.

Just as you gather decorating ideas for the inside of your space – don’t forget to include decorating ideas for the path to your front door!

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