Decorating 101: Creating Your Outdoor Room

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Your backyard, whether it is a patio, a balcony, or a yard is also an extension of who your are.  Take a moment, close your eyes and visualize your property as a container with your home sitting in its middle.  Then ask yourself how the empty space that is in between the walls of the container and your home feels.

Do you see a microcosm of nature?  Does your landscape decorating speak to you?  Can you smell the buds of new plants sprouting from the soil in the spring and the high growth of your efforts in the summer?   In the fall, does your space reflect the harvest from your garden and in the winter can you sense it is a time of rest and rejuvenation?

To create a sanctuary, put in place boundaries in the form of trees and shrubs that visually create a barrier between you and your neighbors and create the container for your outdoor room.  Whether you use pots or planting beds to host your vegetables and flowers, you can then begin creating YOUR version of a microcosm of nature.  This landscaping doesn’t have to cost tons of money – it simply needs to be a representation of you.

Your ultimate goal is to create a sense of place that give back to YOU a sense of belonging in this world.