Beautiful Spaces Create Beautiful Feelings

Have you wanted to create this type of environment in your space – one that delights your senses and nourishes your soul? Creating good Feng Shui will assist you in transforming your space into a Beautiful Space. As a philosophy of interior design, Feng Shui emphasizes harmony and balance. As an intuitive system, it goes beyond traditional decorating by showing you how to first locate energy blocks and then how to create echoes of nature within your environment. In order to understand how Feng Shui works, you must first believe that your home or office sets up a mirror image of your intentions.

What Makes A Space Beautiful?

It’s all about your intention!  Your home in harmony is the arena where your outer existence converges with your inner field of thoughts. How you interact with your environment is a reciprocal process. Your intention (your purpose and your goals) in designing your space, has a profound affect on how you respond to your environment and how your environment affects your life. It is imperative to know where you want to go before you begin. Take some time and rehearse the future with your thoughts. According to Lou Tice,  founder of the Pacifica Institute, we can “try on the future just we we try on a new dress or a new suit of clothes.” Discover Feng Shui and you will discover how to create a space that delights your senses and nourishes your soul.


A consultation may include a review and analysis of the following:

  • Setting your intention for nine life aspirations: career, knowledge, family, prosperity, fame, relationship, creativity/children, helpful people, and health.
  • Determining proper placement of furniture, artwork, plants and symbols to enable energy flow. Applying necessary cures.
  • Implementing the five elements pertinent to Feng Shui practice: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.
  • Using color to calm or enliven the space.
  • Clearing clutter
  • Creating beautiful Feng Shui gardens (outdoor rooms.)
  • Arranging your office or home office to enhance success.

Consultations are $75.00 per hour with a two hour minimum. Mileage charges will be applied to areas outside of the Greater Albuquerque Area.

About Melissa

Melissa heard the call of Feng Shui in 1997 and has ardently pursued the philosophy since. She has studied with a variety of Feng Shui masters including Grand Master Professor Thomas Lin Yun, James Earl Moser and Denise Linn. She recently obtained a professional Feng Shui Staging Certification through She taught Feng Shui classes through UNM Continuing Ed and CNM and is the author of Discover Feng Shui, Celebrate Your Home, a copyrighted workbook.



“Melissa has the acute intuition of how energy flows when she steps into a space.  She used her knowledge of Feng Shui to help me arrange my furniture, and it has made a great difference of how I feel every time I walk into my house.”

Yun Li, Entrepreneur


Melissa came into our great room and quickly rearranged the furniture from a formal geometry to one based on the Feng Shui hexagon.  Immediately, I noticed how much more inviting and open the room felt.  Since then I find myself using this room much more frequently, from almost not at all to almost every other day.  It is amazing how much a few minutes of rearranging can transform one’s experience and behavior in a room.  Melissa is personable, easy to get along with, and fun to work with.  I am looking forward to more of her amazing transformations.

Joan Newsom, Educator

In 2002 I worked with Beautiful Spaces to arrange my belongings and maximize harmony within my home.  Working primarily with what I already owned, Melissa helped arrange a space that is comforting, welcoming, and well…harmonious.  After temporarily moving away from New Mexico for a couple of years, upon my return I used photos from the previous arrangement to put my furniture, carpets and houseplants back in the same order as before.  I even re-hung my wind chimes in exactly the same places Melissa suggested. If you really want to “love” the space you’re in, and learn a lot about Feng Shui in the process, Beautiful Spaces is worth a consultation.

Bill Lescure, Publisher and Entrepreneur