“Melissa has the acute intuition of how energy flows when she steps into a space. She used her knowledge of Feng Shui to help me arrange my furniture, and it has made a great difference of how I feel every time I walk into my house.”

Yun Li, Entrepreneur



Melissa came into our great room and quickly rearranged the furniture from a formal geometry to one based on the Feng Shui hexagon. Immediately, I noticed how much more inviting and open the room felt.  Since then I find myself using this room much more frequently, from almost not at all to almost every other day.  It is amazing how much a few minutes of rearranging can transform one’s experience and behavior in a room.  Melissa is personable, easy to get along with, and fun to work with.  I am looking forward to more of her amazing transformations.

Joan Newsom, Educator



In 2002 I worked with Beautiful Spaces to arrange my belongings and maximize harmony within my home. Working primarily with what I already owned, Melissa helped arrange a space that is comforting, welcoming, and well…harmonious.  After temporarily moving away from New Mexico for a couple of years, upon my return I used photos from the previous arrangement to put my furniture, carpets and houseplants back in the same order as before.  I even re-hung my wind chimes in exactly the same places Melissa suggested.  If you really want to “love” the space you’re in, and learn a lot about Feng Shui in the process, Beautiful Spaces is worth a consultation.

Bill Lescure, Publisher and Entrepreneur