Ernest Thompson’s Sombraje Shutters

Sombraje, or “branch covered screen,” is a centuries-old regional tradition of creating window treatments from gathered twigs  and branches. Casa Cornice twig shutter collection utilizes salt cedar, cottonwood, willow, and hand-peeled willow twigs that are hand gathered, individually cut to size, and individually pieced into sturdy, finished oak or pine panel frames.  Both types of wood are considered to be an excellent choice for framing as they are a both light in weight and a hardwood that easily takes a painted or a stained finish.  Whether you choose all natural twigs or add painted twigs in colors to match your decorating scheme, this elegant addition to your decor will definitely bring nature into your space! These shutters will look good in your office, too.

Twig shutters are definitely an excellent choice of window treatment for Albuquerque, Santa Fe and/or Taos homes.  And, you can continue this design in other home decor applications such as paneled screens, furniture, mirrors and cabinet doors.  The Casa Cornice twig shutter collection is proudly Made in America in their Albuquerque workshop.

Beautiful Windows is pleased to be a provider of Casa Cornice shutters.  Make a statement in your home – Call me today to schedule your complementary consultation!